Feb 15, 2018

The B-Team

No description needed for the glory of the B-Team.


Feb 13, 2018

Episode 68: Ira’s take on the game and a Krayt Cup 3 recap

Ricky, Alex, Blair and Tyler welcome Andrew Bunn and Ira Mayers on to talk about monkeys, ladders and how a lovable band of misfits (and Ryan Farmer) almost won Krayt Cup 3.


We plan to have a cast in the next day or two covering the newest preview articles so look for that in your podcast feed this weekend.


Feb 4, 2018

Episode 67: Chicago Regionals and other Assorted Topics

Kelvan, Dom, Starslinger, Scruffy and Majorjuggler discuss the Chicago Regionals and do some meta hot takes.


Jan 14, 2018

Episode 66: The Last Review

Kelvan, Sozin and Scruffy give their thoughts on TLJ because you're all not sick of hearing everyone's opinions on the movie already right?  


Dec 19, 2017

Episode 64.1

Sorry to everyone who tried to listen to the original somehow the audio got out of sync but think we have it fixed now.


Dec 17, 2017

Episode 65: 7 Bandits Walk Into a Bar

Kelvan, Starslinger, Scruffy and Scum and Villainy designated driver Williarm Barnickel talk about Regional Season amongst other things.


Nov 17, 2017

Listener Mailbag

Kelvan asked for questions from the listeners, and got a ton! Included in this episode are queries as:

  • If the cast members were Star Wars aliens, what aliens would they be?
  • For each cast member, what is their 'goto' upgrade?
  • What is your dream format for playing X-Wing?

The full set of questions we received can be found here!

The intro/intro music is Rameses B, from Soundcloud!




Oct 31, 2017

Episode 62: Spectfaqular

Kelvan, Sozin, Sable, Starslinger and Scruffy give their thoughts on the latest FAQ.


Oct 25, 2017

Episode 61: Krayt Invasion Part 2

Ricky, Lyle and Blair are joined by the one and only Christopher Allen of the infamous Carolina Krayts.  Hear what nice things he has to say about everybody.  We also discuss our run at the Evergreen Cup.


Oct 16, 2017

Developers Interview with Max, Frank and Alex

In this episode we sit down with the three X-Wing developers and discuss Legion and L5R (minutes 5 through 18), and then X-Wing, where we hit them on hot topics like older ships not being as good as newer ships, bombs being too strong, the death of swarms, the role that generics currently play in the game, the difficulties of designing a game where the meta is 1-1.5 years time shifted from the design process, and the usefulness of machine learning to aid in design testing. Enjoy!




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