Oct 16, 2017

Developers Interview with Max, Frank and Alex

In this episode we sit down with the three X-Wing developers and discuss Legion and L5R (minutes 5 through 18), and then X-Wing, where we hit them on hot topics like older ships not being as good as newer ships, bombs being too strong, the death of swarms, the role that generics currently play in the game, the difficulties of designing a game where the meta is 1-1.5 years time shifted from the design process, and the usefulness of machine learning to aid in design testing. Enjoy!




Oct 4, 2017

Episode 59: the ship picks up a drifter

Kelvan and Sozin have a bit too much to drink and pick up a random space hitchhiker. 


Sep 10, 2017

Kryat Assimilation

Ricky, Lyle, Blair, Tyler and Bob are joined by The Zach Matthews himself in the flesh.  He will regale us with tales of making it all the way to the championship game at Gencon and might even tell us if Chris Allen is as cool in real life as he is on t.v.


Aug 22, 2017

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Ricky, Lyle, Tyler and Blair try to lower their sodium intake for at least one episode and discuss some of their favorite alternatives to the 100/6 format that dominates the competitive scene.


Aug 7, 2017

So it’s come to this…we’re a react channel

Hope yall enjoy this bonus episode, we're churning out an extra one, reason will be explained in the episode, enjoy!


Jul 28, 2017

Episode 56: X-wing sprung a leak

 Kelvan, Dom, Sozin, Blair, and Antigrapist discuss Store Championships, The Xwing Tech timeline, Team Europe tournament, New cards for Starvipers, and the FAQ lead on Reddit. 


Jul 27, 2017

The Eleventh Hour

Ricky, Blair, Tyler, Mark and Bob talk store champs and do our final preview for wave 11.  Did Tyler get all his Biggs angst out last episode or is there more left?


Jul 14, 2017

Episode 54: Defenders of Kashyy- …Biggs

Ricky, Dom, Tyler, Doctor Bobby and Blair discuss some more store champs and the new reveal for the Wookie Gunship.  Tyler professes his love for Biggs and why he thinks he's a great pilot for the game.


Jun 26, 2017

Leeeeeebo MMMMJenkins

Ricky, Tyler, Bob, Dom and Blair discuss the Euro and store champsionships as well as the new Guns for Hire preview.


Jun 7, 2017

Episode 52: Store Championship Boogaloo

The guys from Shuttle Tydirium come aboard to tell us about their super, cool event they'll be putting on at Gencon.  We also discuss the Tie Aggressor preview and some store championships.


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