Scum and Villainy 87: Roger Roger


Kelvan, Starslinger72, and Jill Barnackel go over the Aces League, the decision to not release points changes before the upcoming system open, and the CIS faction as we know it AKA, DROIDS!


Contest Winner: Jake Shealey

Extra Dice Squad

(49) Major Vermeil

(2) Tactical Officer

(3) ISB Slicer

Points 54

(44) "Pure Sabacc"

(6) Shield Upgrade

(1) Crack Shot

Points 51


(30) Gideon Hask

Points 30


(32) "Mauler" Mithel

(3) Swarm Tactics

Points 35


(30) "Wampa"

Points 30


Total points: 200

Next Contest: Build your best list that is legal now and after the points update. Tyler throwing the hard stuff tonight. 

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