May 18, 2017

Episode 51: Hero of the Empire

Kelvan, Starslinger, Scruffy and Froggies give their recap of 2017 Worlds and their thoughts on the meta.


May 1, 2017


Worlds is here yall.  Tyler and Blair do their best to convince Ricky to run A-Wings and we talk about what actual good lists that will be at Worlds that none of us will be flying.


Apr 10, 2017

Episode 49: Don’t Jank Me Bro

Sozin and Blair bring on their beloved friend Kevin Wadsworth (Kdubb) and some guy named Ryan Farmer to discuss some Rebel Jank ideas and a few other topics.


Mar 21, 2017

Episode 48: Scruffy Goes Nerf Herding

In this episode we'll discuss Blair's run at Endor and the changes to the FAQ.


Mar 14, 2017

Episode 47: Cabin Boy’s Lament

In this episode we talk about the Chicago and Vancouver regionals, some advances in X-Wing technology, burnout in X-Wing, the X-Wing rankings, and our new challenge: provide a C-ROC build, and win a C-Roc!


Feb 13, 2017


Episode 46, baby! Blair, Tyler, and Ricky sit down to talk about the Mustafar System Open, the Seattle Regional, and the dominance that is the Parattani list (Fenn Rau + Attani Mindlink, Title, Autothrusters; Manaroo + Attani Mindlink; Asajj + Mindlink + Latts ), now closing in on 10 regional wins and one System Open title.


Feb 7, 2017

Drowned in Moonlight

Episode 45 is here! In this episode Sable, Blair, Tyler and Ricky review Sable and Blair's excellent regional results, discuss the U-Wing and Tie Striker, discuss Carrie Fisher, and kick out a Princess Leia crew card challenge.

The title of this episode is half of Carrie's self-chosen obit: "Drowned in moonlight, strangled on her own bra." 




Jan 13, 2017

Episode 44: X-Wing 2.0 Part 2

A continuation of our discussion of X-Wing 2.0 from Episode 42, with special guest PC Gamer Pirate. Plus, the winning list for the Rey crew challenge!





Jan 12, 2017

sozin seattle regional report

A special tournament report from the Seattle Regional by sozin, ship quartermaster, with Blair Bunke, ship janitor!


  • .34 to 5.03: Blair and Calen Wong
  • 5.17 to 7.00: Chad Hargrove
  • 7.20 to 9.04: Bo Bogart
  • 9.08 to 13.30: Blair and Calen Wong
  • 13.47 to 22.22: Kyle from the XWing Vassal League and Evergreen Squadron Podcast
  • 22.25 to 34.07: Final interview with Calen
  • 34.13 to 1.02: Interview with #1 and #2 finishers Chris and Allen and Evergreen Squadron Podcast
  • 1.02 to 1.5: tournamament director Eric D



Nov 22, 2016

S&V 43: Talking about Rebels with Kevin Leintz, Runner-up at Worlds 16

Ricky, Dom, Tyler and Mark are joined by Kevin Leintz to recap worlds 2016 and to just talk some X-Wing.

Kevin’s List:

  • Corran (48) + PtL + FCS + R2D2 + engine
  • Miranda (52) + TLT + Advanced Slam + Sabine + Extra Munitions + Homing Missiles + Conner Net + Ion Bombs


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